Anniston is known for its history and beauty. People from all around the world flock to the Model City every year for different occasions such as Talladega, The Cheaha Brewing Company, and cycling through the mountains!

In recent years, cyclists have been visiting Anniston more frequently. The City has responded by initiating plans to make Anniston the Cycling City of the United States!bike trail

The City plans to create bike lanes throughout the city for not only cyclists, but pedestrians as well. This development will help visiting cyclists passing through for the bike trails surrounding Anniston as well as the many residents who use their bikes as a more health conscious and eco-friendly means of transportation.

The Alabama Cycling Classic hosts many events and races for those interested in a little competition.

Surrounding Anniston, the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail, Chief Ladiga Trail, Iron Legs, and Bomb Dog Loop offer a refreshing and individually paced experience.

bike rack2

In-room Bike Racks @ Hotel Finial


Anniston is also home to Wigs Wheels—a fantastic business with everything any cyclist will need from equipment to gear and a knowledgeable staff! Wigs Wheels also offers a service where you can rent one of their bikes for an entire day.

There’s nothing better than a hot shower and a cozy bed after a long day pounding pavement. Hotel Finial, located only 10 minutes away from I20, you can spend all day on the trails and quickly make your way to a warm bed!biketrail

At Hotel Finial, we know how much time and value is put into a great bike. Therefore, we have started the process of adding bike racks to our deluxe rooms so you can store your bike safely in your room!

Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, Anniston is a beautiful destination. For your next visit, spend some time on the bike trails and enjoy the view, then come home to Hotel Finial for a one of a kind upscale experience!