The city of Anniston Alabama was founded in the 1870s. At the time, it was a private community owned by two industrialists who found an opportunity to use iron from the Cheaha Mountains surrounding the town. anniston

One of the founding families was the Noble family. In spring of 1872, Samuel Noble and General Danial Tyler from South Carolina united to create the Woodstock Iron Company.

To house the influx of iron workers that flocked to Anniston, Samuel Noble built what he called “A Model City.” Named after Tyler’s wife, Annie, “Annie’s town” or Anniston was born!

In 1883, Anniston was opened to the general public. The population grew to almost 10,000 by 1892 making it the fastest growing town in the state.

General Daniel Tyler passed in 1882 and Samuel Noble passed away 6 years later in 1888; they both rest in Hillside Cemetery forever overlooking the city they built.

By 1910 The Model City’s population had flourished to 12,794 residents. Quintard Avenue served as a suburban boulevard lined with trees and large Victorian style Mansions.

Hotel Finial is the last remaining mansion on Quintard Ave.  1800 victorian

Anniston continued to grow as the federal government obtained 18,972 acres of land in 1917. This property is now known as Fort McClellan.  

The town continued to prosper economically from the new military influence.

Anniston has grown from a dream to a beautiful and historic city to live and explore.

Currently, around 23,106 people call The Model City their home!Exterior Twilight 06